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2023 Board Elections!

2023 Board Elections!

Apply to join NorCalPCA’s Board of Directors for 2023!

The Northern California Peace Corps Association (NorCalPCA) is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the membership. At every Annual General Meeting, an election is held to fill open positions on the Board. The expectations and requirements for board members are listed below.

If you are interested in taking a leadership role in one of the largest RPCV chapters in the country and feel like you would be able and willing to fulfill the responsibilities of the position, please nominate yourself by completing and submitting the NorCal PCA Nomination Form 2023


Board Election Schedule:

December 10 - Board Nominations open

January 20th  - Board Nominations due by midnight

January 28th - Electronic Voting opens

February 28th - Electronic Voting closes at midnight

March 11 2023 - Annual General Meeting: Election results announced!


NorCalPCA Board of Directors Description and Requirements:

The Northern California Peace Corps Association (NorCalPCA)  is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit incorporated in California. The Northern California Peace Corps Association has four goals. They are:  

  1. To support Returned Peace Corps Volunteers residing in Northern California.

  2. To promote a better understanding of the people of countries in which our RPCVs have served, the third goal of the Peace Corps. 

  3. To continue making the world a better place through community service and offering small grants for community development projects 

  4. To advocate for the needs and goals of the Peace Corps and Peace Corps community.

NorCalPCA is managed by a volunteer working Board of Directors. The NorCalPCA Board of Directors are annually elected by the NorCalPCA membership to serve two-year terms. All Board positions are unpaid.

NorCalPCA Board members are responsible for promoting the mission of the organization, maintaining the organization's financial health, supporting member needs, and managing the operations of the organization consistent with the Bylaws.

Board members are expected to devote ~5-10 hours per month to their board duties in addition to attending monthly two-hour board meetings and a yearly annual board of directors retreat/strategy meeting.  Board members may dial-in to meetings by phone or the internet if they are unable to attend in person.

NorCalPCA has two types of board directors, Regional Directors and At Large Directors:

Regional Directors are responsible for the coordination and facilitation of activities and events in their geographic area, for participation in member group events and activities in their area, for representing their member group on Board decisions and reporting back to the member group. Regional directors can expect assistance from at large directors for certain types of programming in their areas. Each region is allotted a budget to support events and activities, Regional Directors are responsible for spending these funds.

At Large Directors are responsible for supporting the regional directors and the membership as a whole, usually in a specific priority focus area. In the past, At Large Directors have helped with:

  + Technology: developing and implementing NorCalPCA’s tech-based systems including website, google drive resources, etc.

  + Communications: creating and disseminating the organizations emails, newsletters, and social media.

  + Development: helping keep NorCalPCA funded through non-dues revenues from sponsors and donors.

  + Special Events: managing the organization's Annual Summer Picnic, Annual General Meeting, and other events.

  + Membership: recruiting new members and helping manage the membership database.

  + Finances: helping with financial matters, bookkeeping, taxes, etc.

  + Advocacy: mobilizing our members to take action on relevant Peace Corps policy and funding issues, including through meetings with Members of Congress.

  + And more!  Is there something you want to work on that isn't listed here? We'd love to help you accomplish it as a board member.


Ready to serve?  Apply to join NorCalPCA’s Board of Directors!

For any questions regarding the election, please email

 December 09, 2022