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Anjiro Initiative

Anjiro Initiative

When NorCal Member Cliff Duong came back from Peace Corps, he started a non-profit named Anjiro Initiative (AI), to help the people in Anjiro, a farming town of 15,000 in Eastern Madagascar where he had served.  AI started with education, specifically scholarships. 

Last year, AI turned to school facilities and education support.  NorCal Grants provided $1,510.00 to fund a school classroom and a school printer.  For 8 months in 2021, the school construction at the Ecole Primaire Publique was delayed as the country experienced intermittent Covid lockdowns.  Finally, in September 2021, the work got started!

Cliff reported that the Malagasy national news program featured Anjiro Initiative and the start of classroom construction.  Students, faculty, and community members, along with the Ministry of Education for the District celebrated with a community event.  Here are two photos of the celebration.  Other photos and a video can be found at the website

Cliff added, "We are grateful to NorCal PCA for being our first partner as a non-profit organization."

 January 08, 2022