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Updates from our AGM including our new Board of Directors!

Updates from our AGM including our new Board of Directors!









Our Annual General Meeting in Summary

On Saturday, March 3, a diverse group of RPCVs got together for the Northern California Peace Corps Association’s Annual General Meeting. This year the meeting was held in Millbrae and our theme was “Taking Charge of Change,” with a focus on advocacy for the Peace Corps. In between socializing and enjoying a delicious potluck, we provided opportunities to participate in Peace Corps advocacy by learning about the issues, writing postcards, and facilitating scripted phone calls. Urgent issues we focused on are the need to defend against proposed cuts to Peace Corps’ budget as well as to support proposed legislation that insures better health care and safety for volunteers and RPCVs affected by illness during service. Find out more about actions you can take through our coordinated effort with the National Peace Corps Association’s March Days of Action campaign here.


Present to tell us of personal experiences related to “Taking Charge of Change,” we welcomed as our keynote speaker: Mike Honda. Mr. Honda, an RPCV who served in El Salvador and spent over a decade as a US Congressman representing Silicon Valley, spoke about how we need to remember we are all human, and even during divisive times, make sure we treat each other with respect and work toward common goals. Lessons learned from the Peace Corps and the value the program provides are perhaps relevant and needed now more than ever. We are very grateful to Mr. Honda for sharing his thoughts and experience with us.





Our New Board of Directors

The Annual General Meeting additionally serves as a time for change for the Board of Directors of the NorCalPCA. To that end, many “thanks” are due!

Firstly, thank you to outgoing board members who have contributed tremendously to our organization’s growth and spirit:

Lie Njie, (President, At Large)

Kristen Borash (Fundraising, At Large)

Also thanks to Acting President and AGM-All-Star-Planner Glenn Anaiscourt who stepped up when we needed him most.


Based on the Board of Director elections that were completed at the AGM, we are excited to confirm the following results:

At Large:

Jenna Smith (new!)

Nancy Beam (new!)

Lila Holzman (continuing)

Noah Brod (continuing)

Ella Dowell (continuing)

Holly Uber (continuing)


San Francisco:

Sandrena Frischer (continuing, switched from North Bay)

Terry Vogt (continuing, new term)


East Bay:

Jesse Schofield (new!)

Kathleen Campbell (new!)

Glenn Anaiscourt (continuing, new term)


South Bay:

Michael Hotard (continuing)

Jeff Zundel (continuing)


North Bay:

Cassie Burdyshaw (continuing, switched from At Large)


Santa Cruz/Monterey:

Derek Owens (new!)



Jeremy Karnowski (new!)

Michael Dyett (new!)

Peggy Flynn (new!)

Christine Moore (new!)


Days after this board became whole, we held our internal Executive Officer elections.

We are excited to confirm the following results:

President: Lila Holzman

Vice President: Noah Brod

Treasurer: Terry Vogt

Secretary: Cassie Burdyshaw

Our Board of Directors is thrilled to dig in and continue supporting the mission and valuable work of the NorCalPCA. We look forward to embarking on this next chapter together with all of our members! You can learn more about your new Board members here.



Thank you to all of our members that joined us for our Annual General Meeting & Festival of Cultures! We look forward to seeing you again at one of our many future events!

 March 12, 2018