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NorCalPCA - Grants

NorCalPCA's Grants Program provides funds for community development projects all around our planet. Money for grants is raised through a special Grants Fund separate from NorCalPCA's general donations and memberships, as well as through the sale of International Calendars. While there is no minimum-maximum size, most grants average from $1000-$5000 depending on the amount requested and funds available.

The deadline for grant applications is August 31st every year.

Grants Criteria

NorCalPCA looks for varied international and domestic project opportunities benefiting different groups of people, in keeping with the spirit and idea of Peace Corps. The persons requesting funds must demonstrate commitment to the project by providing community labor, monetary contributions, local resources and/or training.

We encourage projects submitted by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and current Peace Corps Volunteers from Northern California.

NorCalPCa looks for opportunities to:


  • Provide total project costs
  • Fund start-up project costs
  • Expand or replicate a successful project.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT FUNDING:  Funding will be provided for proposed project needs.  Financial support is not intended for individual scholarships or general operating expenses of the applicant organization.


Project funding does not guarantee availability of future funds. 

Selection Criteria

The prospective project will be evaluated for its potential to meet as many of the following as possible:

  1. Be technically and economically feasible.

  2. Improve the general welfare of the community.

  3. Ensure that all those actively involved in the project will benefit from the results.

  4. Address community needs.

  5. Facilitate the transfer of technology, skills and knowledge to others.

  6. Foster self-sufficiency.

  7. Demonstrate environmental sensitivity 

  8. Promote social and gender equity 


Application Process

Application Process:


Interested parties must submit a proposal which contains the following information:


1) Name and contact information of the organization.  Name and United States contact information if organization is overseas.


2) Contact information for NorCal PCA member who sponsors the organization and project.


3) General description of the organization, including goals, purpose, a brief history of previous and current work, and sources of funding.


4) Organization budget.


5) Project title and detailed description.


6) How project meets Selection Criteria (outlined above).


7) Project timeline: how project will phase out or become self-sufficient.


8) Key personnel and their responsibilities for the project.


9) Project budget in detail, including community contribution.


10) Amount and purpose of funding requested from NorCal.


11) How funds will be transmitted to project via a bank or financial service.


Applications are limited to 10 pages.  Submit application by e-mail to

Projects Funded in 2023

Read about all of the projects we have funded since 2010 or take a look at just a few of the projects that we  have recently contributed to around the world!

Uganda: $1,500 for a collaboration between Home of Kigezi, Nkunga Eco Village, & Food Forests Uganda in Kamwenge District to promote regenerative agriculture, provide income opportunities for youth, improve nutrition, and equip local Ugandan communities with climate-smart gardening skills, all of which will ensure the primary purpose of long-term food security. This grant is for a 12-month pilot program that will train approximately 50 local people, including 20 youth boys and girls, 20 women, and 10 men, who will share their skills in their communities.

Chile: $500 to Hidden Wonders for materials to create field backpacks for forest excursions for local communities in Puerto Rio Tranquilo, Chile. The kits will include magnifying glasses, a few clear viewing boxes for closer observation of insects that can then be released again, field guides of local flora and fauna, books written by Chilean authors about natural history and indigenous peoples history (to be read between hiking), and a basic first aid kit. This grant will support materials for 1-2 excursions per month, with up to 20 community members per excursion. Emphasis will be placed on encouraging small children and their caregivers to attend and receive a more holistic learning opportunity connected to nature.




Grants Contact

Nancy Beam: Grants Chair