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NorCalPCA - Join NorCalPCA and NPCA

NorCalPCA is an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA). As you join or renew your membership with NorCalPCA, you will have the opportunity to join NPCA as well-- it's quick, easy, and free!


Join Now!


1. First, you may choose a membership plan with NPCA.

2. Then you'll select which NPCA affiliate group(s) you would like to join, including NorCalPCA. You'll have the option of different membership plans with NorCalPCA (described below).

3. After joining NorCalPCA, you will be prompted to input your country of service information and adjust your privacy settings.

We offer several ways that members can support NorCalPCA:


Pay what you want, when you want


Basic Membership is always FREE


$20 / year - NorCalPCA Appreciator

$50 / year - NorCalPCA Supporter

Publication of name in NorCalPCA's annual newsletter


$100 / year - NorCalPCA Volunt’Hero Sponsor

Publication of name in NorCalPCA's annual newsletter


All rewards and public recognition are optional. Please email if you want to opt out of any or all rewards and/or public recognition.